Saturday, September 3, 2011

A poem I wrote a couple of years ago...

I See You

A poem from Mama to Elise

You can’t see me, but I see you,

Baby girl with eyes of blue.

Skin so pure- untouched by life,

Concealing years of hidden strife.

I stare at you in bed at night,

Knowing that nothing can make this right.

It seems so wrong for my little girl,

To never know God’s marvelous world.

The things you’ll miss as years pass by,

So much in life you’ve been denied.

You can’t hear me, but I hear you,

In a special way, my words come through.

You place your hand up to my mouth,

Vibrations from my voice come out,

They let you know that Mama’s there,

From mouth to hand, we’ve learned to share.

Sharing sounds and sharing songs,

Joining this way keeps our connection strong.

At times I cry for who you are,

But more for who you’re not.

There’s more to who you are besides this virus that you caught.

You laugh when Daddy combs your hair,

And cry when you need rest.

The way you kick and splash and squeal,

For you, bath time’s the best!

You can’t hug me, but I’ll hug you,

I pray you feel my love come through.

I wish that everyone could know

The things that you don’t always show.

How every laugh and cry are true,

Which only few know meanings to.

Selected souls that know you through,

To them, your voice speaks something true.

Despite what’s missing from your life,

I want the world to know,

When you were formed within my womb,

That God gave you a soul.

Life here is good, but I can’t wait,

‘Til we meet again at heaven’s gate.

You’ll run to me with arms outstretched,

The sight of you will steal my breath.

You’ll see me, hear me, say my name,

Forever healed and free of pain.

God gave me you because he knew,

That through it all, I’d see you.

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