Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meet Elise's Brothers! (and other random pics)

I know the title of my blog is “Life With Elise”, but her life also involves her 2 brothers. I haven’t written much about them lately, so I just wanted to post a few pics of all 3 kids over the last few months. Lane (9) and Ty (3) love their sister, Elise. Neither of them have memories without her in them, and they share in the fun and laughter that we all enjoy here in the Haden house! Get to know them a little better…


(Better known as Lane Brain)

Lane is our science/math whiz. He recently won Grand Prize in the Science Fair. He is headed to Regionals!

Lane loves his dog, Tanner.

Lane trying out his new rollerblades Christmas morning. Just call him Apolo.

Astronomy is one of Lane’s greatest loves...

(Not sure what he's looking at in the daylight!)

Lane can’t wait to make his annual Gingerbread house, just so he can eat it!

My favorite 9-year-old...

Lane and I at the annual “Rudolph Run”. It’s great to do something special just with Lane (even if it’s cold and we have to run…)!


(Better known as Ty-Bo)

Ty is a silly boy and loves Spiderman.

Painting in the kitchen with Mama.

Am I a mean mom to take a picture of this instead of rescuing him?

(Don’t answer that!)

On special days, we have lunch in his tent and read books. It doesn’t get any better than that...

Ty in “isolation”. Who knows what he did wrong, but he sure looks sorry!

Mr. Ty getting his hair cut at Sport Clips. We have always gone to the kiddie salons around town, but I discovered at Sport Clips we never have to wait, I like the way they do the kids’ hair, and my kids never want to play the video games or watch the movies in those other salons anyway!

Every Thursday, Ty and I go to the library for Story Time. I did this with Lane when he was little, and will forever treasure these memories.

Walking on train tracks after Story Time. Ty loves trains and notices tracks everywhere we go.

Ty doing the Tebow…

Our family tradition of the Jesse Tree before Christmas.

(As you can see, Ty is really interested in the devotional!)

Kind of Random

The boys love their PawPaw Goerner.

Elise was enjoying the cold weather while looking at neighborhood lights.

Bubba and Sissy checking out a snowman.

Elise has friends from all over! Here she is with a colleague of my dad’s from Nigeria.

Chris hung twinkling lights above Elise’s bed. I know the neighbors must look in her room at night and wonder what in the world is going on!

"Where’s Waldo?"

The reason I included these pictures of my mom, me, my cousin, Rachelle, and my Aunt Sissy is that Elise snuck in. Look over my mom’s shoulder. She’s such a picture hog!

Of course, we can’t have a nice, normal picture without following it up with this...

All 3 kids sitting around with GiGi and Poppy...

Elise waiting on the bus before school. I love these pants on her!

I wonder what they were waiting for...

Special night of eating in the living room while watching a movie. I have memories of doing this with my brother growing up.

Elise before school. I love purple on her, and her purple glitter shoes always get her compliments!

Thank you for finding out more about our family!

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from Him.

(Psalm 127:3)

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