Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow...

My mom gave us some new Halloween decorations for our yard that just happened to correctly depict each member of my family...

Chris is a big, square-headed pumpkin sporting a happy but slightly alarming smile... Check.  

I look sleep deprived and anxious... Check.  

Lane looks quiet and shy...Check.  

Elise looks a little dazed with happiness mixed in... Check. 

And, Ty is quirky and ready to make us laugh... Check. 

Well done, GiGi, for randomly picking decorations that so accurately capture the essence of the Haden family.  

The following are pics of last Halloween.  We love homemade costumes for the boys, though I usually buy something for Elise.  Last Halloween, I posted pics from the past few years here, if you would like to check them out.  There are some good ones!

Lane went as the Monopoly Man.  I got the idea from a costume I saw at Target.  I figured I could create one of my own!  A $2 hat, hair spray paint, a fake mustache, a pillowcase, and some Monopoly cards.  It worked out well!

Ty went as Oscar the Grouch.  It was super simple (easy for me to say, since my husband made it!)   Yarn, a pail, green body paint, fake eyebrows.  That was it!  

He used the bottom of the pail that he cut off for the hat.  He glued a drawer handle on the top to make it look like a trash can top.  

Ty tolerated his costume all night. He wasn't "grouchy" at all! He was focused on the candy.

The boys with GiGi before hitting the streets.

Elise wore a leopard dress and ears.

She was exhausted by the end of the night!

This Year...

Ty started getting into it early in September by trying on masks wherever we went.  

OK, maybe it wasn’t just Ty...

2 Romneys and an Obama.  

 Halloween Fun... 

Since Ty is the youngest, he seems to be the most excited about Halloween. 

He decorated a pumpkin to take to Preschool this week.  Since he will be the Tin Man this year, we thought this was fitting!

Forget fairies, witches, and princesses… Elise is going as Betsy Ross this year in honor of the election!  OK, so this is obviously a benefit of having a little girl that can’t tell me no about this kind of stuff.  She'll look very patriotic...

Natural Costumes...

 Last year, right in time for Halloween, I ran into a door, (No need to call an abuse hotline.  I literally just ran into a door), and ended up looking like a monster for many, many weeks with stitches and deep bruising.  I will spare you the pics of the white of my eye filled with blood.  Gross. 

Speaking of gross, a few weeks ago, Lane managed to impale his thumb with a screwdriver. (No need to call CPS.  He was trying to pry open an old camera and his hand slipped).   

Now, that could have been part of a great costume! 

BTW - Lane is 10-years-old now, and has informed me that this will be his last year to dress up.  Fine… I still have many years to go with Ty and Elise!

 Miss Elise’s new Halloween shirt and socks to wear to school.  I wish she could enjoy these clothes as much as I do! 

Time To Carve!

Lane, Ty, and friend, Andrew, cleaning out the pumpkin.


 Elise relaxing in her swing on the back porch as her brothers prepared the pumpkin.

 Workin’ hard with Daddy...

Meanwhile... Ty’s Tree Progression

 “Look, Mama, I climbed the tree!”

“I just realized how high I am… GET ME DOWN!”

 “OK, you said if I could smile through my tears for one more picture, you would get me… Cheese… now help!”

Why spend a ton of money on Halloween decorations?  All we need is a spider web, a big spider, and our address in plain view.  Pretty scary, huh? 

Carmel Apples...

I took one of these last year, and remember it being just as difficult to get a good pic of all 3 kids.  Lately, all Elise wants to do it chew and suck on her hands, interfering with her cute clothes.  Oh well, this is the best I could get.  I love pics with all 3 of my kids in them.  We don’t have all that many.  

Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

The finished product!

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