Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quick Halloween Follow-Up...

Halloween this year went off without a hitch.  Ty was our much anticipated Tin Man.  Lane was a NASA Commander/Astronaut, and Elise was Betsy Ross 

(in honor of the election). 

His costume was worn 6 years ago by his big brother, Lane.  We kept it in the attic, just waiting for Ty’s turn.  We were EXTREMELY worried about weather or not Ty would actually put on the Tin Man.  Not only did he put it on, he rocked it!  

He walked exactly like the Tin Man all night. Not because he was acting. The suit made him walk that way!

Getting Ty ready in the parking lot.  Thank goodness for “Curious George” on the iPhone!

He was a trooper while getting painted up.  Last year he was green.  This year he’s silver.  I wonder what next year will bring!

Tin Man Ty won the costume contest at Scare on the Square in McKinney, Tx.  We live in Allen, but have always wanted to go there on Halloween.  It was great!

He even made the newspaper!

PawPaw came with us.  He was a BIG help!

Elise looked beautiful in her patriotic costume. She is supposed to be Betsy Ross, but I think she just looked like she was proud to be an American! 

Lane posing for a picture.  Can you spot the elusive Spiderman making his way up the sign?

Leaving "Scare on the Square", and heading to the neighborhood to load up on some CANDY!!!

After returning home to our neighborhood, Ty decided to change into his pirate costume and became “The Silver Pirate”.  

GiGi came over to Trick-or-Treat in our neighborhood.

Elise may not be able to speak, but she still has a voice!

Elise zonked out immediately after we returned home... It's tiring looking cute and collecting candy all night.

As Ty told me the day after Halloween, “Let’s take all of our Halloween decorations down.  It’s Turkey Time!!!”  So be it…

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  1. What great costumes! It looks like you all had a blast. Elise is too cute, she obviously didn't want to miss any of the action. Sophie is so similar and will pass out once we get home lol!